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Why we are here

For any product retail or otherwise to exist….it must meet the needs of the UK Shopper.

The UK Muslim population is the fastest growing population group in the UK.

There will be a increase in the Muslim population to some 4.1 Million by 2021….most of this group are 2nd and 3rd generation British Muslim and have lived in the UK all their lives…and with 33% of UK Muslims under the age of 15 years old…this trend is set to continue… They want to eat what their non- Muslim friends eat.

The UK Halal Food Market is expect to grow by 40% by 2021 and in a recent survey over 80% of respondents who eat a Halal diet stated they will only buy foods from a supermarket if it has 3rd party halal certifcation.

The Halal Food Company will be the only retail Halal Brand that we are aware of that has:

1. Its own Halal Production Kitchen

2. Independent Halal Certification

3. Multi Award Winning Meals

4. Retail and Foodservice formats

The Halal Food Company has 3rd Party Halal Certification.  It Owns and Operates its own BRC accredited kitchen.  We have a huge range of contemporary and affordable ranges and we have won multiple awards